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Special Investigations Unit

The Investigative Research Group’s (IRG) Special Investigations Unit is a highly skilled and experienced group of former law enforcement senior executives and experts which can be deployed proactively to protect corporate assets, market share and public reputations through the discreet and effective investigation of the most serious or exceptionally sensitive corporate situations at the executive level.

The Special Investigations Unit members have in excess of 150 years of combined managerial, executive and senior executive law enforcement experience at the municipal, provincial, national and international levels. The members of the team have a wealth of experience conducting high level interviews and interrogations for the most serious of crimes and at senior executive levels of government and in corporate Canada. Additionally, the Special Investigations Unit's analytical, financial, documentary research capabilities and strategic investigative skills are extensive. In many cases, members of the Special Investigations Unit have been declared experts at the provincial and superior court levels of jurisdiction. The team’s expertise includes: organized crime; white collar frauds; corporate espionage; multi-million dollar internal thefts; insider banking frauds; narcotics; major undercover operations; sexual assault and/or workplace harassment; staged accidents and mortgage fraud. The Special Investigations Unit is totally supported by IRG’s existing expansive investigative capabilities such as video, audio, undercover and physical surveillance.

The Special Investigations Unit also enjoys considerable experience and expertise at the corporate governance board level and with government managerial audits and reviews. Further, policy development designed to protect corporate assets, reputations, efficient practices and code of conduct standards is a strong suit of the Special Investigations Unit.

The investigative integrity of the Special Investigations Unit is foremost and is unique in the field of private investigations. The client will be professionally supported throughout the entire investigative process, including expert testimony during any arbitration or civil litigation processes that ensues as a result of a subsequent human resource decision. 

The members of the Special Investigations Unit are all accomplished and professional individuals who have the ability to work seamlessly at any level of a corporation’s executive, management or employee workforce. Whether there is a requirement to conduct an investigation to detect unknown persons affecting corporate assets, or the strategic development of situational profiles designed to support human resource decisions, IRG’s Special Investigations Unit is worthy of consideration to conduct an investigation which is discreetly designed specifically for the senior corporate client. 

For more information about our Special Investigations Unit, please contact Rob Goodfellow, President and Chief Executive Officer.

SIU Investigative Specialists 

R.W. (Rob) Goodfellow
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Robert Goodfellow is a retired Superintendent of the OPP with thirty years' experience at the provincial, national and international levels.  Mr. Goodfellow has served in various locations throughout Ontario. His experience includes: general duties; major crimes; covert under-cover operations; behavioural sciences; forensic polygraph; fraud; and General Headquarter Executive Management.

Mr. Goodfellow’s  career postings include: Behavioural Sciences Section; Threat Assessment Unit; Provincial ViCLAS Centre; Director, Operational Policy & Strategic Planning; Director,  Contract Policing;  Director, Crime Prevention Section; Director,  Fraud Programs Branch, Ministry of Health & Long Term Care; Liaison Officer to the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services (Deputy Ministers Office); Executive Officer to the Commissioner of the OPP;  Executive exchange to SAPOL (South Australia Police); Director, Provincial Communications Operations; and Director, Behavioural, Forensic & Electronic Services (which included all aspects of forensic identification, e-crime/child exploitation, DNA, criminal profiling, polygraph, threat assessment, Ontario Sex Offender Registry, missing persons and unidentified bodies).

Mr. Goodfellow is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia and has received  training from the DEA.  He has been recognized as an expert witness in many levels of court related to drug identification and enforcement.  He is internationally recognized as an expert in body language, statement analysis, interviewing and interrogation. Mr. Goodfellow has studied in depth many of the criminal behavioural sciences including psychopathy, sexual deviancy and stalking. Mr. Goodfellow has lectured at the Canadian Police College, Ontario Police College and the Ontario Provincial Police Academy. 

Mr. Goodfellow is a founding Director of CAVCA (Canadian Association of Violent Crime Analysts).  He was Chairman of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Crime Prevention Committee and a member of the OACP Victims Assistance Committee.

Mr. Goodfellow has received many commendations and awards including the International Award of Honour from the International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association (INEOA), in San Antonio Texas.  It marked only the second time that award had been bestowed on a Canadian police officer.

Mr. Clifford Strachan
VP – Operations

Cliff Strachan joined IRG from Kroll Advisory Solutions where he served as Senior Director in the Disputes and Investigations practice.  He was responsible for managing and investigating a wide variety of files including; internal and external frauds, procurement fraud, internal harassment and sexual harassment complaints, asset searches and recovery, regulatory compliance, litigation support and misuse of intellectual property.  He was called upon on a regular basis to offer investigative strategies on a variety of cases. Cliff also has additional experience as a Senior Inspector at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), where he investigated payment card crime and employee misconduct.

Prior to this, Cliff spent 30 years as a police officer with the Ontario Provincial Police and retired as a Commissioned Officer - Superintendent, having served in the Anti-Rackets Section (Fraud), the Criminal Investigation Bureau (homicide and other major crime) and also served as a Chief of Police for a municipal police service.  His investigative experience and skill is highly sought after.

Cliff has testified in all levels of court and has prepared affidavits in support of Anton Piller Orders, Mareva Injunctions and Norwich Pharmacal Orders as well as other warrants. He has lectured on issues related to procurement fraud, employee misconduct and criminal and civil investigations; including fraud.

Cliff has led diverse teams in his career and held direct and indirect reporting responsibilities for large numbers of staff.  Cliff will be responsible for all operational matters for IRG; including SIU Insurance, SIU Corporate, Risk Management, Financial and Corruption Investigations, Forensics, Covert and Undercover, Bill 168 and Workplace Investigations, Seniors Strategy, Surveillance and Special Projects.

George Cleverdon, Manager
SIU Insurance Services

George Cleverdon is a former SIU investigator for RBC and has over 26 years of service as a Detective with the Toronto Police Service. He is also the recipient of numerous awards, commendations and recognitions for his service with the Toronto Police Service.

George has many years of experience in the Criminal Investigation Bureau along with managing Fraud Units, Youth Bureau, and Street Crime Units.  He is a Crime Management Investigator and Committee Chairman of Major Case Investigations. George has excellent communication skills and a teamwork approach towards successful investigations.

During his tenure as a senior investigator with RBC Insurance, George investigated fraudulent activity including but not limited to accident benefit, bodily injury, property damage, total theft, arson, internal and corporate investigations.

George is the past President of the Canadian Association of Special Investigation Units, whose mandate is to educate and promote fraud awareness in the Insurance Industry. He is also a past member of the Bank Crime Prevention Investigation Office and has been responsible for conducting over 200 Examinations under Oath along with Court Preparation for law enforcement.

The many years of experience as an investigator and an instructor responsible for staff development of Insurance Adjusters relating to questionable insurance claims, are evident in George’s exceptional leadership skills.

Doug Killian, Investigative Specialist 
Doug Killian is a retired member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with 27 years experience. During his tenure with the RCMP, he worked in various sections including the Immigration and Passport, Customs and Excise and Intelligence units, investigating organized crime in Canada. While in the Intelligence unit, Doug spent three years working in The Outlaw Motorcycle Gang unit. Doug is also a firearms instructor as well as a less lethal use of force instructor with years of experience instructing RCMP personnel. Doug’s expertise lies in organized crime, undercover operations and surveillance.

Henry Thompson, Investigative Specialist  
Henry Thompson is a retired 33 year veteran of the RCMP and holds a BA from The University of Western Ontario. He is the past Unit Commander of the Commercial Crime and the Customs and Excise Sections in London, Ontario. Additionally, he has several years experience as a criminal analyst. Criminal fraud assessment, analysis and major case management are Henry’s strengths. He also has experience as a Claims Investigator for the Ontario Ministry of Labour enforcing the Employment Standards Act.

Don O’Connor, Investigative Specialist
Mr. Don O'Connor joined IRG with vast experience.  Most recently he worked for Aviva Insurance where he investigated questionable and fraudulent claims.  He conducted hundreds of interviews obtaining statements. He conducted examinations under oath, met with informants, collected and preserved physical evidence, and dealt with fraudulent claims. 

Don worked for the RCMP in Haiti prior to Aviva, where he was responsible for mentoring and assisting Haitian National Police (HNP) in investigating criminal offences such as kidnapping, murder and sexual assaults amongst others. Prior to Haiti, He worked for the RCMP doing security background checks and also as a bi-lingual polygraph examiner conducting pre-employment screenings. 

Before working for the RCMP, Don retired as a proud member of the Ontario Provincial Police after more than 30 years of service, where he held positions such as the Unit Commander for the Provincial Theft Unit.  He also served as a Regional leader investigating major crime and internal investigations.  Don also worked for a number of years in the Drug Enforcement Section as a manager and undercover operative. 

Don remains fully bi-lingual certified as a Forensic Polygraph Examiner.  Don also spent many years in the OPP elite surveillance teams in multiple role.

Doug Ward, Investigative Specialist  
Doug Ward is a retired Major Sex Crimes Detective with the Toronto Police Services. Doug specializes in major sexual assaults, criminal harassment, interviews, analytical and major case management. With over thirty years of law enforcement experience, Doug has also lectured at major conferences regarding investigative techniques for sexual assaults and criminal harassment. 

Ian Grant, Investigative Specialist 
Ian Grant has 33 years policing experience with the Ontario Provincial Police and has been a senior police manager, Detective Inspector, since 1999.  Ian has extensive experience in police management, financial accountability, investigative oversight and quality assurance. He progressed throughout my career to areas of increased responsibility, planning and management.  In has been involved in many high profile investigations in the areas of fraud, drugs and homicide.  In his last assignment with the OPP Ian held the position of Commander of the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau for Eastern Ontario.  Ian became known throughout his career for his ability to develop new and innovative techniques to assist in establishing best practices and protocols for investigative excellence. 

Vince McCullough, Investigative Specialist
Vince McCullough is a retired police officer with more than thirty years of policing experience. He spent a large part of his career in the Intelligence - Technical Surveillance Unit, having extensive experience in covert electronic surveillance.  He has provided technical support in many high profile Canadian police investigations.  His expertise and innovation was also used in a Canadian Police Research Centre project.  He is a graduate of the C.I.S.O. (Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario) technical training program and has instructed on the program at both the Ontario Police College and the Ontario Provincial Police Academy.  Vince also has expertise in the electronic security field, having experience in residential, commercial, and industrial alarms, access control, and video systems. Some of his other police experience includes mobile surveillance, covert (undercover) handler, and was a canine handler and canine unit trainer. Vince also has worked in the private sector as a telecommunications technician.

Kate Lines, Investigative Specialist (Criminal Profiler)
Kate Lines completed a 30 year career with the OPP as a Senior Officer in the area of Investigations and Investigations Support and is a recognized Criminal Profiler.  She has expertise in criminal and private investigations, including the application of behavioural sciences concepts and principles. Kate is called upon to provide support, advice and guidance to law enforcement, criminal justice and private investigation service providers and has been formally recognized for expertise in criminal investigations and investigation support services and public safety efforts, creativity, innovation and leadership and team achievements.  Kate conducts internal investigations on behalf of IRG clients.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree / Sociology Major in Crime and Deviance Program, Erindale College, University of Toronto, Ontario, 1977, 1993.
  • General and Advanced Certificates in Police Studies and Diploma in Police  Management Studies, University of Western Ontario, 1984, 1995
  • Criminal Investigative Analysis Fellowship Program, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia, 1990-91
  • Leadership in Counter-Terrorism, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada - 2004

SIU Support Services and Resources

Brian Moffat, SIU Resource  
Brian Moffat is a retired member of the Toronto Police Service with over thirty years law enforcement experience. Brian has a wealth of knowledge and experience in fraud, computer forensics, data base management, organized crime, criminal analysis, profiling, intelligence led policing, mapping, telephone analysis, and surveillance. He has lectured to various police services in Ontario, nationally and at the Canadian Police College. Brian is an expert in Link Analysis i2 software.

Robert Seaton, Accident Reconstructionist Expert
Mr. Rob Seaton is a Level IV Collision Reconstructionist and has been providing expert testimony since 1991. Rob has over 20 years police experience, including an extensive background in Collision Reconstruction and investigating major crimes. He has taught at the C.O. Bick Toronto Police College, the Ontario Police College and the Ontario Provincial Police Academy. Rob completed his police career as the Sergeant in charge of the Collision Reconstruction Training and Traffic Programs at the Ontario Provincial Police Academy. Rob has been providing expert testimony to the legal community and Insurance Industry since 1999.